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An NGO dedicated to the defense of Freedom and Democracy in Latin America.

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• Documental: 19 periodistas mexicanos bajo ataque, 3ra. Parte

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If Fredo Corleone ruled Venezuela.... or does he? 10/03/2013
Imagine if The Godfather character, Don Vito Corleone, died and left his hapless son, Fredo, in charge of the family business. That is essentially what happened in Venezuela when the caudillo Hugo Chávez died last year and Nicolás Maduro took power. As a result, the inevitable economic collapse and raging internal power struggle in that nation will have very grave consequences for...
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Awarding of the "Gilberto Bosques" Human Rights Prize
09/30/2013, Updated 3 Days, 23 Hours ago
Community media under attack in three countries
09/19/2013, Updated 15 Days ago
Aragua state police officers harass family reporting police abuse in Venezuela
09/19/2013, Updated 15 Days ago
HRW asks Mercosur to persuade Venezuela out of withdrawing from the IACHR
09/06/2013, Updated 28 Days ago
Mexico: Two journalists freed on bail, two still held
09/05/2013, Updated 29 Days, 1 Hours ago
Smugglers protests on Venezuela-Colombia border
09/05/2013, Updated 29 Days, 1 Hours ago
Another journalist gunned down in Guatemala, third since start of year
08/26/2013, Updated 39 Days, 1 Hours ago
Mexico police find mass grave thought to be linked to bar kidnapping
08/23/2013, Updated 41 Days, 22 Hours ago
Venezuelan dissent: Attempted Enabling Law is a Cuban plan
08/23/2013, Updated 41 Days, 22 Hours ago
More 'Fast and Furious' weapons appear at Mexico crime scenes
08/16/2013, Updated 49 Days ago

Hezbollah: The Changing Face of Terrorism
By:   Judith Palmer Harik
As of today, we have documented 552 cases of journalists killed or dissapeared in Latin America from 1899 to 2009 .


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LADDO is an NGO dedicated to the defense of Freedom and Democracy in Latin America. Click here
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